The healthcare industry is experiencing a wave of changes in policies and regulations, which are altering the environment for payers, providers and life sciences companies. The increasing cost of healthcare is simultaneously urging healthcare providers & payers to adopt technology that can reduce cost and transform their processes.
SciInformatics has covers application services, business process outsourcing. With our industry expertise we have delivered mainstream healthcare solutions, innovative/bespoke solutions, advanced technology solutions and consulting or support capabilities. We focus our solutions in Social Media, Mobility, Big data Analytics and Cloud solutions, while addressing regulatory compliances. Our comprehensive suite of services align with our customer’s specifications while delivering end-customer experience.

Care management intends to improve quality of care and reduce unnecessary health care costs through a variety of mechanisms that include assessment, planning, facilitation, care coordination, evaluation. This presents multiple options and services to exactly meet a person’s and families’ health needs with high quality cost effective outcomes.
Care management services involve engaging with patients and their caregivers, providing educational support to families and identify resources to improve overall care. It also involves focusing on patients’ specific needs from a clinical, financial and socio-economic perspective for a variety of medical conditions.
SciInformatics has built capabilities in Care/ Disease Management segment through it's engagement in various solutions to different customers. This strengthens the best practices knowledge and having technical expertise with the different specialized areas like mobile technology, portal technology and Data Analytics in addition to domain knowledge helps in offering best solutions to the customers.

Interoperability framework allows enterprises (including HIS, Healthcare providers and private practitioners ) to integrate patient information from disparate systems, host it at a common location and make it available through web and mobile based applications for effective care co-ordination and patient engagement.
Our capabilities helps you to aggregate PHR from multiple systems and create Patient centric 360 degree longitudinal view to facilitate better clinical decision.

Healthcare revenue cycle management is an end to end approach which assesses, optimizes, and manages all components in obtaining patient clinical information, while creating a simplified, integrated workflow to ensure hassle free claims approval.


It applies autonomic science and predictive analytics to maximize revenue cycle outcomes by using new generation technologies. It provides:
• Process industrialization across payers and specialties
• Adaptive rules engine
• Real time predictive analytics
• Intelligent denial analytics

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