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SciInformatics aims to provide niche solutions and services in the Life Sciences and Healthcare Industry. We aim to bring maximum satisfaction of our customers by improving efficiency and ensuring higher return on investment with the help of targeted solution, committed support.

Our Focus Areas

Health Care

We aim to provide blended solution with deep insights, knowledge and experience in Healthcare to help you stay ahead of competition. Our AI based Healthcare platform will simplify the complexities of healthcare management, so caregivers like you can focus on what’s really important—caring for patients and extending your service reach.

Life Science

We aim to improve your AI adoption in Pharmaceuticals Research and Discovery. Our Pharma 4.0 solution library will reduce effort to Data Analysis and thereby help you to transform conventional businesses into complete digital processes.

Softwate Development & Testing

We work alongside national and international organizations dedicated to sustainable development and testing.We help companies grow exponentially by developing custom technology solutions needed to disrupt their industry.


We encourage to innovate more by enabling effective handshaking of Research Findings, deep Domain knowledge and state-of the art technology hub. We promise to bring recent scientific advancement at your door step to curve out right fit solution to meet your business demand.

Research Findings

We connect leading research institute to generate ideas through enumeration of research findings.

Domain Expertise

We connect every business with domain to understand the tradition for better implementation of ideas.


Our unique technology stack enables customers to achieve results faster supported by our domain experts and Research Findings.

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